I like to color outside the lines, I'm passionate about color, and sometimes I run with scissors. A "Free Spirit" describes me well.

A multitude of classes have taught me the techniques required to work in the various mediums used in art and I seize every opportunity to study other artists, both past and present. A natural sense of color and design have enhanced my learning and these are the things that inspire me the most. Given these predispositions, it's amazing that my whirlwind romance with abstract art did not start sooner in my artistic progression. However, I hope this love affair never ends.

Sometimes I am amazed at the emotion and attachment I feel as I work. Often a piece will take on a life of it's own and I am left to simply follow it's direction. Whatever feelings each project brings, there is always a sense of freedom in creating that I find nowhere else in life.

All art, but especially abstract art should be interpreted by the viewer. It is my goal that every piece I create, whatever it's interpretation, inspires and uplifts the viewer. This is the standard by which I measure my success as an artist.


Phone: 540.435.4376

Carol Van Alstine

Enchantment (24x48)

Avalon (30x30)


Fool's Paradise (24x36)


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