I’m going to kick back, relax and not talk about myself in the third person, though my muses would love to see me do so.  I’m Christina, I grew up an Air Force Brat and I consider the Shenandoah Valley home.

I have been poking around in the creative corner of my brain with a fork every since I was old enough to hold a pen(cil).  My very first foray into art was as a toddler when I drew a cross between a horse and a giraffe.  Since then I’ve tried every type of art I can, some with success, some not so much.  I’m a writer, sculptor, photographer, and a painter who also works in three-dimensional computer graphics.  More recently I have started incorporating my own 3D printed models into my work.

I love the creative process.  I’m still learning and experimenting—I am always learning. I would like to thank my mom, without her I wouldn’t be here.  Of course we can all say that, but without her pushing me to get over my ‘fear’ and get out there, I’d still be sitting in my living room staring at my masterpieces instead of sharing them with you.


Website: C WilliamsArt

Christina Williams

On The Mend (Mixed Media 16x24x8)

Extinction (3D CGI)

Alien Landscape (Photography)

Don't Tell (Mixed Media 33x40x6)


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