Beginning with the Brownie camera given to me as a child, I have always loved and been fascinated with photography. I remember quite clearly opening that little box and carefully threading the black and white roll of film onto the spool, then making sure that the film would advance correctly.  I also remember the excitement of getting the developed prints back from our local drug store.  More often than not I was disappointed by the results, but I would (usually) learn from my mistakes.  I never lost the desire to keep shooting or to strive for better results.  Many years and cameras and thousands of photos later, I am still at it and still striving for improvement.

After retiring from my thirty plus years as an Emergency Department Physician, I decided to pursue my passion a bit further and actually enlarge and print some of my photographs.  Freeing the from the digital confines of my my computer gave them new life. I initially did this for my own pleasure and for display in our home. I was soon encouraged by friends and family, however, to share them with the public.

The photographs I have on display were selected based primarily on their composition and color (or lack thereof). Perhaps just as importantly is their sense of mystery.  Although the abstract photographs have titles, there is no right answer as to what they are supposed to be.  That, as they say, is best left to the eye of the beholder.

I would like to acknowledge the unwavering support of my wife, Kay Ely-Pierce.

Bio: I was born in Waycross, Georgia in 1953.  My formative years have been in Virginia Beach, Virginia; Honolulu, Hawaii; Atlanta, Georgia; Westin, West Virginia; Farmville, North Carolina; Richmond Virginia and since 1994, Maurertown, Virginia.  Formal art training: none.  I have been happily married to Kay Ely-Pierce since October of 1980.  We have two incredible children. Kacey, age 25, is in her fourth year of medical school at VCU.  Michael, age 23, has just begun a medical masters’ program at EVMS in Norfolk.


Mark Pierce


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