I remember the day I received my first 35mm camera.  Little did I know at the time that 40 years later I would start my own business as a professional photographer.

During those 40 years I had a successful career in the construction industry beginning as a laborer and ending as a commercial project manager.  My love of building with wood with always be there as it is today.  During this time photography would venture in and out of my life.  When digital entered the world I got hooked again.  In 2011 I decided to take it to a higher level and here I am today, part of a great group of artists.

While working as a project manager I took several several college courses in the evenings.  This really helped with the technical and creative parts of the business.  Understanding composition was a critical part of my growth.

I shoot all types of photography with my emphasize on architectural.  Go and figure!  One of my best customers is my former employer.


Phone: 540.975.0078

Tom Brower

2 Soldiers (photography)

Hightown - First Snow (photography)

Old Faithful #2 (photography)


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